September 06, 2010

Tang Wei went to the door of Hollywood

Tang Wei went to the door of Hollywood
"Lust, Caution" opened, she went to England to study, later starred in "Man on Hennessy." "Late autumn" is the second film after her comeback

Tang Wei now where are the news came. Because too little information about her is they are very rare.
In a 3-year period, Tang Wei, almost disappeared from public sight. In 2007, Ang Lee's "Lust, Caution" opened, Tang Wei, Wang Zhi in this role by virtue of line quickly became the star. Just a few months later, Tang Wei disappeared. In the most popular time, suddenly disappeared, like and do not like her have a bit of shock. Wang Zhi's life ended, and Tang Wei for?

Long dormant period, popular Quemo down
Entertainment reporters and occasionally in an event when the red carpet, or a show field, a brand conference to see her, is a glimpse, just leave a beautiful figure. Long dormant period, popular Quemo down, on-line to Tang Wei, the title of posts always get a high click rate, people can see her more and more will dress up, stand together with many actresses, temperament refined, prowess.
Sporadically in the media have a little news of her. This year, she studied drama in England. Occasionally in the school will be recognized, pointing, "that is," Lust, Caution "in the Wang Zhi." But she does not care. She is no different from ordinary students, wearing casual and have no Prostitute, holding a few books. And bent on cramming in English, into the Hollywood star is different from Tang Wei is seriously at a student. Uncertainty of days, she has a rare calm. She told reporters that the process of learning so that she was happy, stage performers and she felt comfortable, long passages to flow and express emotions: "You know, that process, no one will cry - CUT (stop)! "
For release in April this year, "Hennessy full moon" is new for her comeback, with this as, Tang Wei has slowly into public view, back to film. Quiet 3-year return, Tang Wei chose a romantic comedy. Film, she plays a no parents, followed by his uncle, aunt living and working in the ware shop Eleonora ordinary girl. In addition to the mirror at the beginning of a bushy eyebrows red cheek makeup, wearing a Floral skirt, the Tang Wei, Su Yan photographed almost the whole trip, it seems that a "could not be more freely at will" state. She said in an interview, the film's Eleonora closer to her, this film will undoubtedly become an important selling point.
Tang Wei in the end life in what
Professor in the Drama of a student from the regular Li Ti's Tang Wei, said: "She is the director department, and are usually very quiet, always wore a full pocket Pants, hands on his pockets, walking Dadalielie . And you can see more than make up Well, those photos are beautiful! but in fact, she is one of those more broad-brush man. "
Chang Li said, the school's soup is not the only man of the hour, usually just class and rehearsal. "She play very well, remember that once the rehearsals, the 10 girls play. I was pointing at a glance, said Tang Wei, a girl this good! Her New Words stop, there is an sub-air field there."
Tang Wei, a good character, almost, and the people she worked recognized. Her former broker Zhu Ming on her evaluation: "very good impression is very sunny, very forthright, bright spots will be met. Datailielie, there are boys personality, feels like an athlete. "" She is a very hardworking, very dedicated girl. "
Tang Wei in the end is beautiful or not beautiful? The problem is also difficult to explain. By her friend, took her into the circle of theatrical drama planner Yuan Hong, said Tang Wei, like beauty, and beautiful, as long as she is willing, she will be able to bunch of people Ritter prominent; but if she wanted a low-key, placed on the crowd do not outstanding. Objectively speaking, Tang Wei can not be considered a special beauty, but impressive. Her eyes are always some stubborn and vicious permitted. Azeri evaluation cycle, this dice "vicious", Zhang Ziyi, and Zhang Jing who is also the beginning, but Tang Wei's "relentless" in ourselves, Zhang Ziyi, and Zhang Jing early is the external environment.
Soon, the audience can see Tang Wei back after the second movie. Film "late autumn" by Tang Wei and starring Korean popular niche Hyun Bin, say that two Asians in the United States just three days of love story. The film directed by the famous Korean director Jin Taiyong, filmed in Seattle, in English dialogue. In the movie, the role played by Tang Wei called Anna, Anna missed killing her abusive husband was jailed for seven years for good behavior in prison and the mother died, to leave the prison temporarily to Seattle to attend the funeral, the way is to avoid experiencing Tracking the Korean Xun, the story began.
Tang Wei is the kind of actor on the role very seriously, will study the role, and then give way. "Play the game from the beginning to the end crying, crying every day." Tang Wei said. Hyun Bin in an interview, also on Tang Wei praised, saying "Although this is the first cooperation, and is very understanding with Tang Wei."
"Late autumn" has been officially invited, will attend the Sept. 9 opening of the 35th session of the Toronto Film Festival. Toronto Film Festival is an important film festivals in North America, with North America's largest movie film market. Unlike Berlin, Cannes and Venice, the three European Film Festival, Toronto Film Festival does not in the main awards, but the large number of film screenings is famous for its main service on the market. "Late autumn" in Film Festival "Contemporary World Cinema Festival" shown in this unit, this unit is mainly to show the world's major film festival of award-winning works and a new work by the famous director, known as the North American film market to open the door. "Amelie," "Bowling for Columbine," "Before Night Falls" and the film was popular in the world are known by the public in this unit, and successfully break into the Hollywood market.
Tang Wei in the audience like the natural hope she can with "late autumn" into the international film market. But more important is not where she could go, but she has come back.

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